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All of us have an inherent interest in ecological systems and how we interact or live within these systems. Most of us live in urbanised environments and tend to only venture in to the natural world for recreational breaks or in pursuit of our outdoor passions.

This is not say that the natural world is something 'out there' and largely unattainable, urban ecosystems do exist and its where we largely inhabit. EcoRhythm has a strong interest in both the natural and urban with an emphasis on the 'urban'.


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EcoRhythm is primarily designed to link people with a passion for the natural world by sharing information. With the thought; as you go about your normal activities or pursue your outdoor passions your observations of the natural world can be recorded and shared.

Examples of how this might be done can be seen on the tracking interface within the site.

How it works

To get started you will need to create your own account; all that is required is an email address and your own password.

You will gain access to a 'plotting' interface and your results can be then viewed within the 'tracking' interface

Plastic pollution Morfa Nefyn

Plastic pollution Morfa Nefyn beach North Wales UK

A picturesque and pristine beach however plastic pollution appears to be part of this landscape.
At a glance all appears in perfect order, with a closer inspection digging in the bach shingle plastic pollution is more than evident!

Dolphins Newquay Cornwall UK

Dolphins Newquay Cornwall UK

A boat tour out from Newquay Cornwall UK, to see the dolphins in the area.